We all know that life can throw all sorts of uncertainties our way. It is inevitable that all of us will face storms and trials. That is why it is crucial that we build our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus.

There are five major area of every persons life that will ultimately effect how fulfilled a person is... Faith, Family, Friendships, Finances, and Fitness.

As a church we want to help you build these crucial areas of your life upon Jesus so that you can discover the fulfilling life Jesus promises us in John 10:10. In order to do that we need to know what areas you need the most help with. Please fill out the brief confidential survey below to help us help you. Your results will never be made public.

Life is a journey, none of us will ever be perfect, but as a church family we can make progress together!

My prayer is that you will allow us to help you on this journey of building your life upon Jesus.

-Pastor Landon